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empires in my mind

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that weirdo with the notebook
My creative/fan journal. Because sometimes you really can write the next episode better than the creative staff.

My brain does what it wants. In 30 years, when someone has perfected the technology to tell that citizens are thinking up unauthorized or unsavory material, I'll be on the most wanted list. For now, it's legal to think just about anything, but sometimes you just have to write it down. When it involves characters, plot, or other material I don't own or have rights to, I'm aware that I have no legal rights to play with it, but I happen to think it's better than having my brain explode. So, here's the repository, and have fun.

A note to those commenting: I've been through so many writing classes that criticism, so long as it's constructive and not the "you sUxx0r" variety, has become a valued tool. By all means, let me know if I did something inadequately, or awkwardly, or just not to your liking. (Though, in that last case, I probably won't be rewriting the piece in question.) I've been ripped to shreds by a published author for the crime of being under 30, heard scads of other professionals rip on amateurs in general, and sat through 90 minutes of semi-clueless classroom debate over what I meant by three phrases in a story (which I was forbidden to clear up until it was all over). Believe me, I can handle just about anything, so don't be afraid to let me know that you think I can do better. I probably can.

I'm currently knee-deep in commitments to Peter/Mohinder Heroes fic, though I do occasionally attempt to tame other plot bunnies. All will be housed in the same hutch, or complex of hutches. Except the giant Dutch rabbits, which will be trained as attack fics.

Maybe I shouldn't update my profile late at night.